I’m a graphic designer and illustrator interested in new and creative opportunities. With over ten years of design experience my work includes print communications, web design, branding and illustrations.

The illustrations on this site are an extension of my creativity, my artistic passion and my love for comics. All of which I hope to integrate into future design projects.

My main goal is to continue designing work that combine style and substance while making a positive impact in this world.

About My Illustrations

I’ve been drawing these caricatures as a fun hobby for a long time before I decided to post them online. My interest in the wacky, absurd and silly, has influenced my style.

I use the hashtag #IdrawUglyFaces to identify my work on Instagram. I call them “ugly” because they are not the typical “cute” art you see on social media. Their eyes are a bit odd, their teeth crooked, their chins, noses and wrinkles make them stand out from the crowd as comical and exaggerated. Tongue in cheek, they often highlight the imperfections and strangeness of life and people.

As an Illustrator, it is refreshing to see illustration as a recurring trend in advertising, graphic design and children’s platforms. Its role in storytelling is very influential and I hope my art bring something different and interesting to the drawing table.

If you like what you see and you’re interested in working together to make something awesome, contact me.